Golden Star of Libya Portfolio
Golden Star of Libya Leading Enterprises and Construction industry in LibyaOur Company Golden Star of Libya for Enterprises and Construction Industry was founded in 1992
since his establishment, the company has realized more than 35 projects of construction and maintenance with a total budget of 25 millions Libyan Dinars.
The company has always delivered its construction services on time, within budget, and satisfaction of the client.
Golden Star now , its one of the Leaders in the Enterprises and construction industry field in Libya, And we still growing.
In golden star, we have the good aspect of self-perform Golden Star of Libya Libyan construction companymost steps in a project, This includes electrical, mechanical, concrete, asphalt, steel, drywall, site work, masonry, carpentry and exterior finishes.
During our company life , we have developed too good relationships with the All construction-related filed in our country. Such governmental or non-governmental , with whom we have realized most of our projects across Libya.
Our team are professional , multilingual and hard-working.